Winning a game

1 minute read

What does it mean to win a game? Many people try to win every game. But at what cost, what was the point of winning?

We are all playing one game or the other 24x7. Are we conscious of the games that we are playing?

We define the rules sometimes for the games; Some time its others. Sometimes we play the games we know we can’t win.

Sometimes we try to modify the rules of the game while we are playing, to increase the odds of our winning. what greatness is there in that kind of wins. You could have chosen the right game to play in the first place.

In some games, both parties can win. This increases the odds of having a good relationship with the other players. In some, we have to trash others to win the game. This often ends up in toxic relationships.

Many games are played in the mind initially. Why are we even obsessed with winning the game, if we don’t care about the outcomes?

The best strategy to win at some of the games is just by not playing it. Our economy thrives on selling our attention to advertisers. When a battalion of scientists fights for our attention, by all means, the best strategy to win that game is not by playing it.