About me

Just a random guy who try to remove biases and get rid of labels from life. On a journey to becoming unlabelable. OMG, is that another label!!!

I started writing here just to improve my writing skills. There may be many mistakes here. Do not take any opinions expressed here personally. I would always love to discuss if you hold a different opinion. A debate is not my cup of tea. I would rather be your mental sparring partner, so we both can learn.

The blog posts that you see here are just random dumping of my thoughts. The ideas you read here may not be original; Mostly borrowed from others shamelessly. Feel free to copy anything from here and keep the idea as your own.

I am currently with Samsung Research (acqui-hired from Zapr Media Labs) as a Speech Researcher (Staff Engineer, AI and ML), teaching computers to converse naturally with humans (aka end-to-end solutions for Conversational AI).

I had worked at Zapr Media Labs, CISCO, Speech and Music Tech lab(IIT Madras), Qbotics Labs and HCL technologies.

I have a Masters degree in Computer science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I was working on devising A Unified approach to speech synthesis in Indian Languages, supervised by Prof. Hema A. Murthy.

I am active in sports(Volleyball, Squash, Badminton, Table tennis…), and had trained in martial arts (Taekwondo, Hapkido, MMA, Muay Thai..).

I am an avid reader(will start posting book reviews soon :P). Also, I try to follow minimalism as much as possible.

I do listen to podcasts. The list of people I follow can be found here.

There is a list of 101 things that I would like to accomplish in this life. You can find this ever growing list here.

I’m always open to interesting conversations and collaboration. Feel free to reach out to me. Click here to see the contact details.

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Find my CV here.