Contact me

To avoid unnecessary headaches, I try to make clear how I communicate.

General preferences

  • I’m blunt and prefer straightforward communication.
  • I do not prefer small talks.


If we’ve never met before, the best way to reach me is via email. I check my inbox frequently and try to respond to every email.


  • Short is sweet.
  • If there is a request that can be easily found online, do detailed research before emailing me.
  • Don’t talk like a press release. Talk like a person. A person is reading this, so why are you talking like that?
  • I procrastinate! If I haven’t responded after a week, feel free to follow up.

Email ID

My email id is arunbaby0 [@] our one and only Gmail. :P

Social media

Social media is a great platform which I don’t use often.

I don’t prefer social media for communication as I don’t spend a lot of time on it.

Twitter: I’m not active on Twitter.

Facebook: Quit at the beginning of 2019.

Instagram: All I have is an account there.

LinkedIn: I read LinkedIn messages but I prefer emails.

Follow me on social media but reach me via email.

Texting, WhatsApp and calling

I use these for people who are close to me. So expect delays.

WhatsApp: You can message me in WhatsApp. My response time is generally between 0.1 second and 7 days.

My phone is always on silent so I will certainly miss unscheduled calls especially if you are not on my contacts list.


I have a full-time job and when not working I do side projects.

If you are not a close person to me, follow the below guidelines:

“Let’s meet at XYZ beach near parking station at 0630 IST” - is a plan.

“Let’s hang out this Saturday” - is not a plan.

If there is an online meet, please send me a calendar invite with detailed agenda, as I forget things easily.


I just want to be systematic and reduce the overhead as much as possible. I am flexible with schedule changes, but pre-planning get rid of unnecessary delays.